SIM Style

SIM Style


Searching for the best way of getting the real racing emotions at home? Style easily can give it to you.  This model is the best one of our product line.  It has some nice stylish details, like carbon fibre floor, red logo inserts and extra frame tubes which gives the rig additional stiffness. Also, this rig combines the performance and it has easier access to the cockpit. This simulator frame is made out of bent steel tubes. Powder coated, which provides durability - paint will not come off the metal after prolonged usage. The set includes runner slides on which almost any racing seat can be placed.  The steering wheel mount has adjustable height, distance and angle.


What is in the box: Simulator frame, Universal pedal box mount plate, Universal steering wheel mount plate, Steel floor panel, fastenings.


Suitable steering wheels:

Fanatec (Podium, CubSport, CSL), Thrusmasters, AccuForce, Logitech, Mige 130ST series, Bondar Simsteering Kollmorgen AKM Series 5, Lenze MCS12H, SimuCube 2 (Sport, Pro, Ultimate)


Suitable pedals:

Fanatec pedals (ClubSport, CSL Elite), Heusinkveld pedals (Sprint, Pro, Ultimate), SIMTAG hydraulic pedals, Logitech pedals




    760,00 €Price