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Sports Racing Technologies has been in the racing sport for many, many years. Disciplines like rally, rallycross, circuit racing and others. But there are still some parts of the dynamic racing world that are undiscovered. Gaming was one of them! But today we are here to bring to you gaming equipment that has been manufactured with the knowledge and experience of top-level mechanics that have been working in WRC, WRX, ERC, Dakar championships with cars like Škoda Fabia, RX Lite, CanAm Maverick and many more! If you have to put your trust in someone - let it be someone who has spent their days on the best race tracks in the world!

Simulator Gaming
Dakar Cross Country Rally
ERC Rally Habaj
WRC Rally
WRC rally Gryazin

Starting from April of this year, SRT team in its unit in Adazi, where mechanics and engineers are preparing the CanAm Maverick T3 car for the new Dakar season, started the production of simulators. From creating the design to testing the finished product. The team is currently developing several models so that anyone who wants to play/ride can find the most suitable simulator for them.

You can buy a simulator frame, which includes a steering wheel, pedal and chair mounts. There is also an option to equip the simulator - with a sports chair, steering wheel, pedals, accessories - screen stand, keyboard and mouse pads, gearshift and hand brake stands. There are many options!

DSC_0508 laba.JPG

If we are going to spend time behind the wheel and screen, then the experience should feel very close to what the riders experience while participating in races! SRT team wants their simulators to fulfil every e-athlete's dream of driving on the world's most famous tracks together with the best drivers. That's why SRT has included the characteristics of a racing car in its simulators - for example, the seating position is adapted to the position of the R5 vehicle. Further team plans also include the creation of an active platform, where you will then be able to enjoy acceleration, braking and other racing sensations, where team engineers whose main job is working with race car electronics will be able to make a great contribution.

DSC_0634 laba sim.jpg
DSC_0291 laba sim.jpg
DSC_0531 laba sim.jpg


-Fanatec pedals (ClubSport, CSL Elite)
-Heusinkveld pedals (Sprint, Pro, Ultimate)
-Thrustmaster pedals 

 (T-LCM, T3PA, T3PA-PRO, 2 pedals)
-SIMTAG hydraulic pedals
-Logitech pedals



-Fanatec (Podium, CubSport, CSL)
-Mige 130ST series
-Bondar Simsteering Kollmorgen AKM Series 5
-Lenze MCS12H
-SimuCube 2 (Sport, Pro, Ultimate)

DSC_0597 laba.jpg
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